Shemanic Lomi-Lomi

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Shemanic Lomi Lomi

Individuals looking for a more sacred esoteric experience need to try a Shamanic Lomi Lomi session!

After first creating a sacred space and setting intentions of the session the more hands-on massage portion commences. Based on the calling of each individual session a variety of Shamanic techniques from around the world are used. Long, relaxing forearm strokes, shaking, bone washing, energetic holds and acupressure point activation are some of the ingredients in this sanctified stew. The closing of the session may or may not include a rebirthing process depending on the recipient’s needs. Either way, upon completion you will experience the comfort of the relaxed, rejuvenated state of your body ascending while your spirit is grounded.

30 Minutes

$6900member price
  • Amazing International Massage
  • 30 Minute Massage
  • $75.00 Non-Member Price

45 Minutes

$8900member price
  • Amazing International Massage
  • 45 Minute Massage
  • $110.00 Non-Member Price

60 Minutes

$10900member price
  • Amazing International Massage
  • 60 Minute Massage
  • $135.00 Non-Member Price

90 Minutes

$14900member price
  • Amazing International Massage
  • 90 Minute Massage
  • $180.00 Non-Member Price

*At Kinesthesia Massage, membership has its benefits!

  • Unlimited sessions at the discounted price
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