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Lactantius quoted Hesiod,49 while Eusebius claimed to follow Plutarch's interpretation and identified the giants of Genesis with 43Contra Manichaeos, XXV, quoted according to P. W. van der Horst and J. Mansfeld, An Alexandrian Platonist Against Dualism: Alexander of Lycopolis' Treatise "Critique of the Doctrines o/' Manicheus" (Leiden: Brill, 1974), 95. Text in A. Brinkmann's edition (Leipzig: Teubner, 1895), 37. 44Justin, Apologia 115 (PG 6, 451). Athenagoras, Legatio 24,5 (PG 6, 947). 45Adv, Haer.

Rose, A Handbook of Greek Mythology (London:- Methuen, 19586), 57. 411 quote the translation of H. Chadwick, Origen: Contra Celsuni (Cambridge: University, 1965), 307. Text in M. Boret's edition, Origene, Contre Celse (SC 147; Paris: Cerf, 1969), 152. 42 C0111. in loh. 217-218 (C. , SC 157; 294-296); also XIII. On this ambiguity in Origen's teaching, see L. R. Wickham, "The Sons of God and the Daughters of Men: Genesis VI 2 in Early Christian Exegesis"; Language and Meaning. Studies in Hebrew Language and Biblical Exegesis, papers read at the Joint British-Dutch Old Testament Conference held at London, 1973 (OTS 19; Leiden: Brill, 1974), 142-143.

And not from any stranger, nor from any of the Watchers, nor from any of the sons of heaven (1 QapGen II, 14-16)23 ... This passage develops a theme already present in the "Noachite fragment" of I Enoch. " (l Enoch 69:12). 22Same interpretation in T. Naph. 3:5. 23Quotations are according to Fitzmyer's translation (Genesis Apoccyphon, 51 -55). Fitzmyer does not say on what grounds he vocalizes the name of Lamech's wile Bitenosh (rather than Batenosh). " See also another mention of the Watchers' fall in Ch.

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