An Introduction to the Practice of Contemplation by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu PDF

By Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

In 1980 on the Monte Faito retreat Chögyal Namkhai Norbu transmitted a whole and step by step procedure for getting into the perform of contemplation based on the Dzogchen teaching.

Scanned and switched over via Yuchen Namkhai as a present of affection to the area.

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But it is important to b e clear that, however many nyams arise, you should never form attachment. Namkha Arted of this kind, that is, practised in this way, reveals the state in which there is unification of the state of Shine and the "Shine that has clarity too" called Lhagthong32• 32 54 See note 4. &letZJing Once attained, this state is the state where you should abide; in it there is nothing to affirm or to confirm. The only thing the practitioner can and must do, once this state has been achieved, is to engage in continuing in it.

Practising in this way we can attain the state of Shine, that subsequently must become stable Shine. Abiding in Shine means being in a condition like the calm sea, that is, a condition that is not disturbed whether thoughts are present or not. In any case, what is experienced in this first phase is a Shine that is almost fabricated. In fact as long as I 'stay' this way it seems I can go on forever, but as soon as I 'let go' and stand up or simply look around the state of Shine disappears. As our practice develops more and more often this state arises by itself, spontaneously.

But on the contrary for us a cow's horns actually exist, so if we say that a cow's horns do not exist it is very meaningful. The meaning of the statement 'the essence is emptiness' is that, among all sense phenomena nothing that 'exists in or of itself' or that can be deemed 'actual in the absolute sense' (that is, independent of causes and conditions) can be found, because all things in our vision arise through interdependence26 and are produced by the dualistic condition. Even though we believe that everything that appears to our six senses27 is concrete there is nothing that can be deemed real.

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