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ISBN-13: 9781493002061

Alice Hart is an exhilarating and authoritative new younger voice on nutrients who likes to proportion her culinary wisdom with buddies. during this booklet she encourages her iteration of 20- and 30-somethings to prepare dinner the unique, sleek nutrients they take pleasure in to slot the existence they lead. Dip into Alice's Cookbook in January to discover an inspirational New yr brunch, or in the course of August for a colourful and remarkable summer time kitchen supper. every one recipe is designed to slot into busy social lives: Hands-on cooking instances are supplied for every dish, menus are adaptable to seasons and availability, and suggestion is given to scale amounts up or all the way down to feed a crowd (or not).

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Beef You want any beef that you buy to have a rosy hue and abundant marbling (see Figure 3-3). The exception is vacuum-packed beef, which retains the purplish color that beef has before it’s exposed to air. Pass over any beef that has a gray or brown tinge to it. Figure 3-1: Boston butt comes from the upper shoulder of the pig; the picnic shoulder comes from the joint area of the foreleg. Chapter 3: Collecting Ingredients and Using Them Wisely 43 Figure 3-2: The ribs yield two different cuts. Leaner baby back ribs come from the top and spareribs from the bottom.

Tomatoes therefore came late to barbecue (but came with a vengeance, if the lineup of sauces on grocery store shelves is to be believed). The first settlers in the eastern region of the Carolinas wouldn’t have even considered adding tomatoes to their sauces. To this day, the preference in the Carolinas is for vinegar- or mustard-based sauces. Despite all the big talk and the energy spent hanging on to signature recipes, the truth of the matter is this: About 95 percent of what everybody does is the same.

Figure 2-10: Get rid of residue with a grill brush. Chapter 2: Gathering Must-Have Equipment 37 Estimating temperature in a pinch If ever you find yourself without a thermometer but otherwise ready to cook, no need to run out for a replacement — use the “hands-on” method to estimate the temperature of your heat source. Hold your hand approximately 5 to 6 inches above the coals; the amount of time you can stand to keep it there tells you your temperature range. If you can hold your hand above the coals for ߜ 1 to 2 seconds, the coals are hotter than 500 degrees ߜ 3 to 4 seconds, you’re working with medium grill heat at about 350 to 400 degrees ߜ 6 seconds or so, and you’ve got smoking heat — 250 degrees or less ߜ Drip pan: Dripping fat and charcoal are not a good combination.

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