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By Haboush W., Parshall B. (eds.)

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Results and Discussion Infrared spectrums of the newly synthesized membranes were recorded and two of the representative graphs are given in fig. 1 & 2. It showed formation of a strong and broad absorption in the region 1100-1180 cm-1 which is due to O=S=O. The band appeared at 1244 cm-1 is due C-O-C. The band appeared at 1407 cm-1 is due to the deformation of methyl group of the polymer chain. The aromatic C=C stretching appeared as a band at 1487 cm-1. Amir Al-Ahmed 29 Fig. 1, IR spectrum of 90:10 membrane.

E. the transport selectivity of the membrane. Separations with membranes do not require additives, and they can be performed isothermally at low temperatures and compared to other thermal separation processes at low energy consumption. Also, up scaling and downscaling of membrane processes as well as their integration into other separation or reaction processes are easy [1]. The goal of this study was to prepare novel nanoporous composite membrane, characterizing them and study of impedance spectroscopy.

Vol. 35 (2006), p. C. N. S. Mangrich and L. Akcelrud: Polymer Vol. 46 (2005), p. G. S. Im: Polymer Vol. 41 (2000), p. L. Wei, M. J. Epstein: Macromolecules Vol. 3114 [7] J. J. Epstein: Macromolecules Vol. 24 (1991), p. 4441 [8] K. T. L. Tan: Surf. Interface Anal. Vol. 20 (1993), p. C. Rodrigues, M. M. P. Souza, M. H. B. Gomes: Eur. Polym. J. Vol. M. H. Johnston, T. J. Richardson: J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. Vol. 8 (2008), p. 1965 [11] J. Wang, X. -S. -H. Kim, J. Phys. Chem. B Vol. 112 (2008), p. 14829 [12] S.

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Algebraic Groups and Their Generalizations: Quantum and Infinite-Dimensional Methods, Part 2 by Haboush W., Parshall B. (eds.)

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