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By J. I. Packer

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Famous Bible student J. I. Packer examines every one word of the Apostles' Creed, inviting readers to dive extra into the necessities of the Christian religion. The Apostles' Creed is the oldest and such a lot fantastically succinct precis of Christian ideals. notwithstanding usually recited in unison in the course of worship providers, this nice creed starts with the word "I believe," making it a deeply own occupation of religion. therefore it merits own realization and exam from each believer. In maintaining the Apostles' Creed (an excerpt from growing to be in Christ) famous Bible student and writer J. I. Packer explains the which means and implications of every word of this creed. either theologically sound and functional, this booklet presents Christians with a place to begin for realizing and employing the easy tenets of Christianity. each one concise bankruptcy serves as an invitation to dive additional into the creed-and for that reason, into the necessities of the Christian faith-by concluding with dialogue questions and Bible passages for additional examine.

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It was to show us the Creator rather than the creation, and to teach us knowledge of God rather than physical science, that Genesis 1 and 2, along with such celebrations of creation as Psalm 104 and Job 38–41, were written. In creating, God was craftsman and more. Fbsui shape existing material and are limited by it, but no material existed at all until God said, “Let there be . ) but that God in creating was absolutely free and unrestricted, and that nothing determined or shaped what he brought into being save his own idea of what it would be like.

Jesus, my great High Priest, Offered his blood and died; My guilty conscience seeks No sacrifice beside; His powerful blood did once atone, And now it pleads before the throne. My dear Almighty Lord, My conqueror and my King, Thy sceptre, and thy sword, Thy reigning grace I sing. Thine is the power; behold, I sit In willing bonds before thy feet. M PSE Jesus, who is the Christ (says the Creed), is God’s only Son. This identifies Mary’s boy as the second person of the eternal Trinity, the Word who was the Father’s agent in making the world and sustaining it right up to the present (John 1:1–4; Colossians 1:13–20; Hebrews 1:1–3).

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