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40 του πατρος σοφίας εκ τε της σης φιλομαθίας άποτε­ θέντων, έλληνικών τε καΙ θείων' εγω δε ενδεης καΙ φίλος έκατέρων, ει καΙ λίαν άσθενώς, ωσπερ καΙ τάλλα πάν­ τα, οϋτω καΙ προς άνάγνωσιν εχω. ϊν' ούν καΙ ταυτα εκ 45 της σης ποριζώμεθα φιλοθεί'ας, μεταγραφήτω το τών βι­ βλίων έκατέρων κατάστοιχον καΙ πεμφθήτω μοι, ώς αν εκ τούτου το άναγκαιότερον εχων εκλέγεσθαι καΙ χρειω­ δέστερον αιτών λαμβάνω, σου κελευούσης, τα σά. προς δε το παρόν, εί τα Μωσαϊκά σοι εύρίσκονται καΙ το τε- 50 43 τραβασίλειον, πεμφθήτωσάν μοι.

6. 9-10 11 9-10 Rom. 8. V. v. scriptis) S scriptis) S 11 post άφεστηκέναι vocabulum quod legi ποπ potest expunxit S 49 < Letter 9 ) Does Your Holiness see, holy Father, the weakness and inex­ perience of my writing, how it does not have the power to ex­ press the intent of my mind? God forbid that I should have been so obtuse as to call my praise for you a weapon of virtue, mean­ ing that it incites you to virtue, even if this happens with some small and indolent man. " Since, then, according to < the Apostle ), all these amount to training exercises, < testing ) our love for Christ so that he who was not defeated by them may shine even brighter, because none of these temptations had the power to separate him from the object of his desire, just as a son who loves his father, even if he happens to have innumerable friends who give him many gifts, he does not change his feelings for his father nor his attachment to him, but while he loves his friends and accepts their gifts, he uses everything for the honor and glory of his own father-this is what the Apostles did and this is what the servants of God like you do-for this reason I called praise a weapon of virtue.

If it is no trouble, therefore, just as I said before, do visit me once a month and become a muzzle of my depression, so to speak, since even a bow string cannot bear tension and must be loosened for a while from the notches. Do this for the sake of Him Who enjoined us not to hide the talent. Since you are entrusted with both a literary and spiritual talent, give to those who ask eagerly. Perhaps you will say, because of your excessive modesty, that you are not suffi­ ciently endowed in either respect.

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