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By William Y. Svrcek, Donald P. Mahoney, Brent R. Young

ISBN-10: 1119993873

ISBN-13: 9781119993872

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4. 1 illustrates a level control system and its components. The level in the tank is read by a level sensor device, which transmits the information on to the controller. The controller compares the level reading with the desired level or set point and then computes a corrective action. The controller output adjusts the control valve, referred to as the final control element. The valve percent opening has been adjusted to correct for any deviations from the set point. A Real-Time Approach to Process Control, Third Edition.

10. The temperature range for bimetal thermostats is 0–400◦ C with an accuracy of ± 5%, although the accuracy can be increased to ± 1% [6]. The deflection/temperature relationship is linear for many metal combinations over a particular temperature range only, and the materials must be chosen with care. These instruments are rugged and cheap, offer direct reading and can work under conditions of vibration. Thermocouples When two dissimilar metal or alloy wires are joined together at both ends to form a loop and a difference in temperature exists between the ends, a difference in junction potentials exists resulting in a thermoelectric electromagnetic field (emf).

1956) Automatic Process Control for Chemical Engineers, John Wiley & Sons. (16) Eckman, D. (1958) Automatic Process Control, John Wiley & Sons, New York. P. (1958) Process Dynamics, John Wiley & Sons, New York. R. B. (1965) Process System Analysis and Control, McGraw-Hill. L. (1973) Process Modeling, Simulation, and Control for Chemical Engineers, McGraw-Hill, New York. (20) Harriott, P. (1964) Process Control, McGraw-Hill, New York. W. (1967) Automatic Control of Processes, International Textbook.

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