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By Gerald Bray (ed.)

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U to •things that are,· which are beautiful, power· fu1 and respected. 6 Ova IUDBMPTION. STBR; Christ did what he did in order to strengthen believers, for no one can redeem something which did not origi· nally belong to him. , purged from the works of the flesh and the filthiness of idols), or because we have been justified (for it is just to worship only the Creator and spurn everything else) or because we are wise, having learned that worldly people are unwise-all this is a gift of God through Christ.

16 (1 did baptize also the household of Stephanas. , ... rhorir~• ruJ l thank God 0VBRVJBWI The Corinthian church was divided into factions (ORIGBN). ). ET OF CYa). Baptism, the sacrament of unity, had become the point of division. The efficacy of baptism lies in the one whose name is invoked in the baptism (CHRYSOS· TOM). ), a person or a place, or had some symbolic reference (AMBROS1ASTER). ally rejecting. :lOb United in Mind 11nd Judgment UNJTBD IN THINKING. AMBROSIASTBR: Paul prays that the Corinthians will all think one thing, namely, that those who have been born again are children of God.

CoMMBNTARY oN THB FIRST EPISTLB TO THB CoRJNTHIANS I77·29 NoT THB SPIRIT FROM Goo. THBODORBT OF CYR: Paul shows by saying this that the Holy Spirit is not a creature but has his own divine nature. COMMBNTARY ON THB FIRST EPISTLB TO THB CoRJNTHIANS 178. 34 2dl Only the Spirit Comprehends God's Thoughts SPIIUT oF MAN-SPIIUT oF Goo. AMBROSIASTBR: The Spirit of God has taught us what he knows by nature, not what he has been taught himself. :s 9>239. 21. om 8:27. ~NF 112:37. e PG 82:243. 27·28. ' 1NTA 15:233.

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