With the heart of a gypsy and the spirit of an elf, Leah has held a life long fascination of all things mystical and esoteric. Being that nothing is more mysterious and amazing than the human body/spirit, the healing arts come naturally for her. She is well seasoned with 10+ years of professional massage practice and continues to build her avenues of modalities utilizing Reiki, Tui-na, crystals, harmonics, magnetism, (and more) to provide a “tuned in” experience, centered around the needs of her clients as they arise.

Holding a long time career in the health/child care field, she has cared for the bodies and well beings of life in all stages, birth to hospice. This has developed in her a rare ability to deeply connect with the spirit in all and enhances her ability to be present, aware and tender in all dealings at all times. With an instinct for human energies, she strives to approach each encounter as an opportunity for a mystical re-awakening to our deeper selves and nature.

When at home in the Driftless Zone of Winona, Leah continues her nurture of nature through her latest craze, backyard bee-keeping, and continues to tend the local lands, her kitchen alchemy and community needs as able. Quiet, simple and resourceful, her preferred place to be is under the ever changing, but never changing, always spinning skies.


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Leah's favorite quote:

Book Now…”Like wind, water, tides and moon. In tune to rhythms that stem from the womb”…