As a classically trained dancer and musician, Sarah has always had a very strong relationship with her body. The undeniable connection between mind, body, and spirit always fascinated her, and fueled her interest in becoming a professional bodyworker.  Sarah is a naturally gifted healer, and has always wanted the best for others.  She believes touch is an effective means of expressing love and compassion in a holistic way.

A session with Sarah includes her incredibly fluid touch, and her uncanny ability to locate and blissfully melt away even the most stubborn knots. Incorporating graceful movements and style, her dancers persona shines through.  Rather than creating a clinical, predictable massage experience, Sarah gracefully transforms each and every session into a unique work of art.

As an experienced musician, she possesses a unique ability to connect with and understand the bodies and stress points of musicians and athletes of various kinds. In addition, she is highly experienced with mixing and incorporating essential oils of various blends into her massages. Her Special K sessions are a true representation of the essence of Kinesthesia.

In her free time Sarah is passionate about the arts, and enjoys choreography, playing cello and singing. She also likes to support local musicians and going out to shows with friends. Sarah possesses an incredibly positive attitude, a joyful spirit, and is passionate about sharing her touch!


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Sarah's Favorite Quote:

'Life cannot be explained, but it can be cherished'-Leah Westlund
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