Jamie has 14 years of experience in the massage industry.  She excels in the esoteric and intangibles of human interactions and connections. Energy manipulation and visualization techniques combined with graceful strokes make her massages unforgettable. Before practicing massage she became familiar with human anatomy performing body piercing and modifications for many years. Her comfort level with people and their bodies allowed her to develop a calming bedside manner that made even the most nervous clients feel at ease. For these reasons and others she excels in gaining customer loyalty.

Her other interests are quite varied.  She loves working with her hands in other mediums a bit less delicate than the flesh as well. She obsesses over designing creating, building and fixing objects and devices of all kinds. Scientific gardening, metalwork, furniture & device design are some areas that she’s most enthusiastic about. She truly believes you can always learn more, improve on your skills and has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Spare time does not not exist in Jamie’s world as  she tends to always put more on her plate than she could ever chew. She aspires to, one day in the unforeseeable future, experience boredom but it is doubtful she ever will.

Her love of acquiring knowledge and techniques are trumped only by her love for her dogs. Don’t bring dogs into the conversation unless you want to hear about how awesome hers are. She has a hard time containing her love for them.


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  • Thursday: by special request
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  • Saturday: by special request
  • Sunday: by special request
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Jamie's Motto

Boredom is for boring people!
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