Kinesthesia Add-On Services

Maximize your massage by selecting some of our unique add-on services. We’ve got the skills, we’ve got the tools, contraptions, devices, and implements to make for a truly unique sensory tactile experience!

Hot Stones

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage add-on where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands, and/or by placing them on the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly.

At Kinesthesia, we offer two levels of hot stone massage. The ‘Focused Hot Stone’ add-on implements the use of the hot stones where you most need them. The ‘Hot Stone Complete’ add-on covers you from head to toe with stones strategically placed to penetrate your muscles deeply. The stones are used throughout the session to alleviate stress, tension, and muscle aches. The stones are also used as an extension of the therapists’ hands to apply focused deep pressure and penetrating heat to obliterate knots and muscle tension.

In additional to the smooth basalt rocks, we also proudly feature crystal wands in a variety of different minerals.  These wands are used similarly to deliver penetrating heat and deep pressure, as an extension of the therapists’ hands.  In addition, for those who believe, adds the benefits of crystal healing.

The hot stones can be added on to any of our traditional massage services.

Focused Hot Stone

$1000everyday price
  • Hot Stones Rock!
  • Deep, Penetrating Heat
  • Applied where it Counts
  • Crystals also Available

Hot Stone Complete

$2000everyday price
  • Hot Stones Rock!
  • Deep, Penetrating Heat
  • Leave no Rock Unturned!
  • Crystals also Available

Toolbox Add-Ons

We have a variety of vibrotactile, electro-mechanical massage and percussion tools our therapists can use to compliment their “hands on” techniques. These modalities do not replace traditional manual techniques, but instead, help therapists to become even more effective especially when battling stubborn muscle tension and trigger points deep massage. Higher frequency vibration releases endorphins, which result in an analgesic effect to an area of treatment.  In addition to the good vibes you’ll feel, it increases circulation, targets trigger points, and mobilizes lymphatic fluids.


$1000everyday price
  • Power Percussion Massager
  • Industrial Strength
  • Multiple Attachments
  • Powerful Flexibility


$1000everyday price
  • Vibration + Human Touch
  • Vibrating Manual Manipulation
  • Mad Science!
  • Add on to any Service


$1000everyday price
  • Penetrating Pulsating Pressure
  • A Vintage Vibration
  • You Control the Speed
  • Add on to any Service

Assisted Stretches

With the assisted stretches add on, your therapist will integrate yoga/Thai inspired assisted stretches. Lying passive while your therapist stretches you allow for greater flexibility and range of motion, due to the lack of muscle engagement.

Assisted Stretches

$1000everyday price
  • A Moving Experience
  • Add on to any Session
  • Yoga Inspired Stretching
  • Increase the Benefits of your Massage

*At Kinesthesia Massage, membership has its benefits!

  • Unlimited sessions at the discounted price
  • First 60 minute massage is free
  • Complimentary massage on your birthday
  • Free 5 minute Dry Hydro Massage warm up before your massage sessions
  • And more!
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