There’s more than ample, convenient, free city street parking on both Central Ave and 22nd Ave. We also have a parking lot behind the building.

Absolutely! You can add hot stones, assisted stretches, one of our vibrotactile devices, or a warm up on the hydro massage table to any massage.  In addition, you can also extend your session length at any time if the therapist has availability. We will continue to add new services and upgrade options in the near future. Check out our add ons page for more details!

No. massage should not be painful during or after your session. Although some people like that “good ” pain of getting sore knots rigorously worked on you shouldn’t experience uncomfortable or unpleasant pain. When pressure is applied so deeply that your muscles respond by tensing up then progress in untangling muscles knots stops and damage begins. Be sure to alert your therapist immediately if you feel any discomfort at any time during your massage session.

Finding the right therapist can be tricky. Determining exactly what you want out of your massage session will help your decision making process tremendously.

– Do you have a specific modality in mind?
Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Lomi Lomi, Deep Pressure/Deep Tissue, Rolfing, Light Touch, Energy Work.. If so look at the services that are available by Kinesthesia’s Massage Therapists as well as their specialties.

– Do you want to include some Thai Yoga assisted stretches in your massage session?
Again you want to find a therapist who is appropriately qualified.

– Is conversation with your therapist something you seek out or something you avoid during your massage sessions?
When verbal communication is kept to a minimum during the massage session there is a more focused purposeful exchange of energy between your therapist and yourself. This has more physically noticeable results. For most people are seeking relief from painfully overworked or just sore muscles this would probably yield the best results.
Some of our clients come in not just for a massage but because they enjoy the social exchange. Conversation can actually aid in relaxation. Some people use their massage sessions as a time to casually talk through a problem with an unbiased, compassionate person. Some people would like to come in and talk about anything other than their problems. Others are simply uncomfortable with silence. Whatever the case may be, If conversation is something you would like as part of your session read through Kinesthesia’s therapist bios. You may find something you have in common with one of them or an interest they have listed that you would like to learn more about.

Finally, go with your gut! Finding the right therapist a lot of times is just finding the one you “click” with. The right therapist for your friend may or may not be the right therapist for you. You can always book for just a 30min massage session so it doesn’t feel like such a risky gamble.

Tips are never expected but always much appreciated. Like other services massage therapists do rely on tips as a significant portion of their income. If you compare massage to most other services, like eating out or taking a taxi, 10 to 20% of the pre-discounted price is customary. If you really enjoyed your session and feel that your therapist went above and beyond tip more. If you feel like your therapist did the bare minimum, tip less.

Besides giving your therapist and Kinesthesia Management open and honest feedback, tipping is another way to convey how you feel your session went. We always are striving to do our best. That requires your feedback however. Please let Kinesthesia management know what you think by filling out an anonymous survey, calling in 612-200-3935 or e-mailing jamie@kinesthesiampls.com.

We gladly accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We do not accept checks.

We use fragrance free oil & cream. Our laundry detergent and fabric softener are hypo allergenic. We do not burn incense however we do have mildly scented candles that we can forgo lighting upon request.

Drink lots of water (as you should anyway)!
Massages are thought to release toxins previously trapped in muscle knots. This will aid your body’s lymphatic system in ridding your body of those toxins. Some people say they even feel a little ill the day after receiving a massage if they do not drink enough water. Your therapist will offer you a bottle after your massage to get you started.

Stretching maintains the progress made on your muscles in between sessions. Many people think this means setting aside a time to do stretches kind of like a work out. The thought of doing stretches need not be so daunting. You can do a few here and there throughout your day. in line at the grocery store, while on a conference call, in the shower, while watching TV, etcetera. Your therapist can show you some simple stretches that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. We will also be adding a section on self care to our website in the future that will include stretches.

Everybody has different comfort levels so the answer is different for everyone. Some people choose to get completely undressed, while some people choose to leave their undergarments on during the massage.

We offer a few different draping options for you to choose from.
-Small Hand towels to cover your nether regions and breasts for women.
-Full Bath sized towel
-Full Sheet

The easiest way to perform the Special K Massage the Dexterous Duo 4 hands Massage and the Tandemonious Couples Massage is with no clothing on and minimal draping. We are able to use longer strokes that cover large ares of the body versus the compartmentalizing of the body due to obstacles. Our therapists are all nonjudgmental and used to working on bodies of all shapes and sizes. We will happily work around whatever is there though. We recommend getting undressed and choosing draping that align with your level of comfort. This may change as you become more comfortable with your therapist and we can adjust as needed.

A couple of exceptions should be noted. Chair massage is generally done with client fully clothed. Thai massage is often done fully clothed or at the very least many people like to leave their underwear on due to the stretches.

Aside from the advantages of taking time for relaxation, massage actually benefits you in many other ways. Studies have shown the physical and mental results of one session, as well as ongoing programs.
Some of those benefits include relieving stress and headaches, strengthening your immune system, improving circulation and posture, lowering blood pressure, increasing flexibility and range of motion, enhancing rehabilitation, and more.

Massage is the same as most other things in life in that, you get what you pay for. We believe in quality not quantity. Getting a massage by a therapist who is mentally present and fully engaged in the massage session can not be compared to getting a massage by a therapist who’s watching the clock and can’t wait for the session to be over.

Absolutely! We actually offer a “couple” different kinds of couples massage.

The “Coalescence” is one or multiple massage sessions where one therapist works with a couple to show one or both of them how to massage eachother. Learn more about the Coalescence Couples Massage here

The “Tandemonious” is for couples who would like to share there massage session with their significant other by simultaneously receiving massages in the same room. Learn more about the Tandemonious Couples Massage here.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the massage is for your benefit. You can ask your therapist any questions before your session begins. If other questions arise during your massage, your therapist will be happy to answer them.

We’re all self-conscious about something. Our friendly therapists at Kinesthesia Massage work hard to make all of our clients feel very secure, so you know you’re in a safe place without judgement. We are very accustomed to working with all kinds of different bodies and minds and will not judge you for any characteristics of your personality or physical form.

You always get to choose what clothing you’re wearing and how you are draped for the massage. We have an anatomical diagram that we use to gather specifics on what parts of your body you do & do not want worked on by circling areas of focus and crossing out areas you don’t want touched.

Please also feel free to consult with your therapist about any concerns you may have prior to your session.

Professional therapists have plenty of experience in dealing with those situations. Their goal is to keep you comfortable, so there’s never any need to feel embarrassed.

This is absolutely true. This modality is practiced on a mat on the floor and not a massage table. The client wears comfortable clothing and lies relaxed on the mat. The practitioner gently moves the client’s body into yoga-like positions to deeply stretch the body and open up energy lines through the body. The practitioner may also use his/her hands, forearms, or feet to apply firm, rhythmic pressure to parts of the receiver’s body. Sessions can last up to two hours. Assisted stretching is a big part of Thai yoga massage!

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of body work that literally translates to ‘finger pressure’. Shiatsu practitioners use their fingers, hands, and thumbs to apply pressure to specific points and sections of the body to correct imbalances and promote health. It can help adjust the body’s physical structure as well as its natural inner energies. This modality is normally performed on a floor mat rather than a traditional massage table.

The “Special K” is Kinesthesia’s Signature massage, featuring a combination of modalities borrowed from Shiatsu, Swedish, Esalen, Deep Pressure and energy manipulation techniques, custom tailored to meet each individual clients needs. This massage is performed by a single therapist on a either a massage table, or a Shiatsu floor mat.

Probably the most common type of massage, a Swedish Massage uses five basic strokes to increase circulation, decrease muscle tension and increase relaxation. An oil, lotion, or cream is applied to the skin to reduce friction. This type of massage is included within the signature Kinesthesia Massage

This form of massage uses techniques to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia. Sometimes called deep pressure massage, deep muscle massage, or even deep tissue sculpting, these techniques require that the therapist have a good understanding of anatomy, physiology, and myology. Superficial muscles need to be relaxed to reach the deeper layers, so other bodywork techniques are often mixed in throughout the session. Deep tissue massage can help relieve chronic muscular pain and help achieve better postural alignment.

Absolutely we do! Often called seated massage or on-site massage. Performed fully clothed, you sit comfortably in a massage chair designed for this type of work. The therapist will uses a variety of techniques, similar to those found in other types of bodywork, to work your back, neck, shoulders, arms, and hips. We provide chair massage both in our studio, as well as outside during festivals, and we can even be hired to provide chair massage on location at your next corporate event or gathering!

Actually it is! Lomi-Lomi is Hawaiian for rubrub! This modality is a traditional Hawaiian massage which combines the power of prayer (pule), breath (ha), and energy (mana) with large, broad, Swedish-like massage strokes utilizing the hands, wrists, and forearms to cover large surface areas of the body. This style is also incorporated into our signature Special K Sessions.

Time –
You should schedule your massage for a time that you can easily get to Kinesthesia Massage without having to rush. Entering into a frantic state immediately before getting your massage can make it more difficult to relax and enjoy the benefits of your massage session. It’s also preferable to get your massage at a time when you would be able to just go home afterwards a relax rather than hurrying back off to work. Of course this simply is not an option for many people unfortunately.

Digestion –
It’s a good idea to have a meal earlier in the day but allow time for it to digest before your massage. This will lessen your chances of feeling lightheaded after the massage and prevent digestion from being a distraction. Drinking ample water throughout the day before your massage prepares your lymphatic system to dilute and carry toxins away during your upcoming massage. However you want to avoid drinking large volumes of water immediately before your massage session to avoid having interruptions or discomfort from your bladder. You definitely want to use the restroom to evacuate any and all waste possible before your session. You are urged to request a bathroom break during your massage if necessary but the fewer interruptions during your session the better.

Respiration –
Being face down for any length of time, as you are during your massage session, can clog up your sinuses which can in turn make it difficult to breathe and relax. At the bare minimum blow your nose before your session begins. If you are a neti pot user, irrigating your nasal passages prior to your session can provide you with the great benefits of unobstructed breathing through the nose. If you’re not familiar check it out here. Lastly we provide Breathe Right® strips that you can put on the bridge of your nose to hold your air passages open. Many people don’t experience trouble at all and this section may seem a little extreme but the benefits of easy breathing during a massage can not be quantified.

Hygiene –
Of course you will want to bathe / shower before coming in for your massage both as a curtesy to your therapist and so you can fully relax without self conscience thoughts running through your head.