Everybody has different comfort levels so the answer is different for everyone. Some people choose to get completely undressed, while some people choose to leave their undergarments on during the massage.

We offer a few different draping options for you to choose from.
-Small Hand towels to cover your nether regions and breasts for women.
-Full Bath sized towel
-Full Sheet

The easiest way to perform the Special K Massage the Dexterous Duo 4 hands Massage and the Tandemonious Couples Massage is with no clothing on and minimal draping. We are able to use longer strokes that cover large ares of the body versus the compartmentalizing of the body due to obstacles. Our therapists are all nonjudgmental and used to working on bodies of all shapes and sizes. We will happily work around whatever is there though. We recommend getting undressed and choosing draping that align with your level of comfort. This may change as you become more comfortable with your therapist and we can adjust as needed.

A couple of exceptions should be noted. Chair massage is generally done with client fully clothed. Thai massage is often done fully clothed or at the very least many people like to leave their underwear on due to the stretches.