Drink lots of water (as you should anyway)!
Massages are thought to release toxins previously trapped in muscle knots. This will aid your body’s lymphatic system in ridding your body of those toxins. Some people say they even feel a little ill the day after receiving a massage if they do not drink enough water. Your therapist will offer you a bottle after your massage to get you started.

Stretching maintains the progress made on your muscles in between sessions. Many people think this means setting aside a time to do stretches kind of like a work out. The thought of doing stretches need not be so daunting. You can do a few here and there throughout your day. in line at the grocery store, while on a conference call, in the shower, while watching TV, etcetera. Your therapist can show you some simple stretches that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. We will also be adding a section on self care to our website in the future that will include stretches.