Time –
You should schedule your massage for a time that you can easily get to Kinesthesia Massage without having to rush. Entering into a frantic state immediately before getting your massage can make it more difficult to relax and enjoy the benefits of your massage session. It’s also preferable to get your massage at a time when you would be able to just go home afterwards a relax rather than hurrying back off to work. Of course this simply is not an option for many people unfortunately.

Digestion –
It’s a good idea to have a meal earlier in the day but allow time for it to digest before your massage. This will lessen your chances of feeling lightheaded after the massage and prevent digestion from being a distraction. Drinking ample water throughout the day before your massage prepares your lymphatic system to dilute and carry toxins away during your upcoming massage. However you want to avoid drinking large volumes of water immediately before your massage session to avoid having interruptions or discomfort from your bladder. You definitely want to use the restroom to evacuate any and all waste possible before your session. You are urged to request a bathroom break during your massage if necessary but the fewer interruptions during your session the better.

Respiration –
Being face down for any length of time, as you are during your massage session, can clog up your sinuses which can in turn make it difficult to breathe and relax. At the bare minimum blow your nose before your session begins. If you are a neti pot user, irrigating your nasal passages prior to your session can provide you with the great benefits of unobstructed breathing through the nose. If you’re not familiar check it out here. Lastly we provide Breathe Right® strips that you can put on the bridge of your nose to hold your air passages open. Many people don’t experience trouble at all and this section may seem a little extreme but the benefits of easy breathing during a massage can not be quantified.

Hygiene –
Of course you will want to bathe / shower before coming in for your massage both as a curtesy to your therapist and so you can fully relax without self conscience thoughts running through your head.