Finding the right therapist can be tricky. Determining exactly what you want out of your massage session will help your decision making process tremendously.

– Do you have a specific modality in mind?
Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Lomi Lomi, Deep Pressure/Deep Tissue, Rolfing, Light Touch, Energy Work.. If so look at the services that are available by Kinesthesia’s Massage Therapists as well as their specialties.

– Do you want to include some Thai Yoga assisted stretches in your massage session?
Again you want to find a therapist who is appropriately qualified.

– Is conversation with your therapist something you seek out or something you avoid during your massage sessions?
When verbal communication is kept to a minimum during the massage session there is a more focused purposeful exchange of energy between your therapist and yourself. This has more physically noticeable results. For most people are seeking relief from painfully overworked or just sore muscles this would probably yield the best results.
Some of our clients come in not just for a massage but because they enjoy the social exchange. Conversation can actually aid in relaxation. Some people use their massage sessions as a time to casually talk through a problem with an unbiased, compassionate person. Some people would like to come in and talk about anything other than their problems. Others are simply uncomfortable with silence. Whatever the case may be, If conversation is something you would like as part of your session read through Kinesthesia’s therapist bios. You may find something you have in common with one of them or an interest they have listed that you would like to learn more about.

Finally, go with your gut! Finding the right therapist a lot of times is just finding the one you “click” with. The right therapist for your friend may or may not be the right therapist for you. You can always book for just a 30min massage session so it doesn’t feel like such a risky gamble.